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Alright, I'm so sorry for the delay, but these take a bit longer to play than I anticipated at times, especially when you're not supposed to have your phones out. Lol. So here's the second one, and I'll try to get more out sooner. This is a personal favorite of mine, but because of time tables, I only played through one character this time around, but I've played others before. So here we go! Let's go through "Love Letter from Thief X"
So I went with Takuto, who is, as you can see, a genius hacker. But he's also super adorable, because he's not really good with people, but he opens up to you. He is defensive, because his parents were famous scientists and since they were always busy, they pawned him off on his grandfather. The main protagonist (you) are a museum worker, and your museum gets a message from the super famous group of thieves called The Black Foxes.
Through crazy circumstances, and no small amount of blackmail, you get conned into working with the thieves to retrieve special pieces of art that belonged to your grandfather, who was a modern DaVinci. It's pretty fun, and definitely worth playing. Like I said, a personal favorite!
I only bought the Class Trip game and ohmagerd ! this one looks good too!
I bought ALL OF RIKU'S STORIES and I still haven't finished it yet! Even though I bought it like 4 months ago! Haha. I think I'm on his proposal story! But I LOVEEE this one. :D