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*Intense fangirl screaming* okay, so seeing this absolutely made my day! I was tired from work and my manager put me through hell today, so I was feeling like shit and I see my oppa just blowing up Twitter like it was going out of style. So I reply to the first tweet, because why not? About a minute later, if that, he quotes my (not so obviously) smartass comment, and I couldn't help but smile and think "oh my gods! How could it get any better than this?" So without even thinking about it, I reply to that as well & he liked it. My gods if I died right now I'd be so happy. (And let go on record that Fall Out Boy's "Thanks For The Memories" should be played at my funeral and the only tears should be caused by laughing too much about the recklessly stupid stunts I've pulled, seriously it needs to happen that way)
omfg yes! that's it precisely!
exactly, @NickySerban it's like THANK YOU FOR NOTICING I EXIST!
@nicolejb best feeling isn't it? accomplishment.
AMZING. I actually love how twitter can connect people. I got retweeted by one of my fav celebrities once too!
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