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MONSTA X had a V-Livestream and it was awesome to see them live in such a long time!! Yu Seung Woo joined them for meals and etc.... but there was just one topic that I wanted to address
I.M. and Shownu entered a cafe to buy drinks for themselves and Jooheon and Seung Woo. By the time they came out they had to be rushed into their van because of the oppressing crowd of fans.
They safely get into their car after being bombarded with compliments and unwanted taps and brushes. They make their way to the KBS building and exit so that Shownu can fulfill his 200,000 heart promise and he dances. Again the fans from before are seen running down the street to chase them and they continue their touching and bombardment of compliments.
As they come out of the building they are crowds even more with a larger group of fans and it even gets to the point where Seung Woo says he'll go ahead and sort of runs out of view to the van. One can hear the managers raise their voices telling people to let them through. And its obvious that Jooheon is feeling bombarded as his members are suddenly swallowed by the crowd.
The lovely members and Yu Seung Woo of course politely make their way through each encounter and respond politely to their fans but my question is;

Have these fans taken it too far??

Yes this may be a once in a lifetime chance to see and possibly touch an idol you revere but they are still people

They want to spend time with their fans in a controlled environment

I think the fans took it over the line. Perhaps not all of them. But it was an invasion of privacy to crowd, touch, and follow them around. At least have the respect to stand back and ONLY take pictures.

What do you think??

as a side note - of course these few people do not represent the whole of monbebes or any fan!! lets respect our idols as humans following their dream job
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You can clearly tell that they started to get annoyed...but the fans stayed happy and didn't realize it. Fans need to understand that even though your bias might be near doing something, even such as standing....you shouldn't be attacking them or crowding them, Im sure it only makes them feel uncomfortable.
celebrities should be allowed to go out into the world and have fun peacefully without being bothered. They could stay cooped up in their buildings if things like this keep happening. They should be able to enjoy their life go out and explore and not be so uncomfortable. We should treat them like how we treat regular people on the streets. Not bugging them and leaving them alone to do their own thing.
What everyone is saying here is spot on. You wouldn't dare do that to any other person on the street (unless you want to get bitch slapped), so what makes you think it's okay with idols??! If you're truly their fan, you should first respect them as people!
Excuse me when have fans not taken it too far?
@jeppblackmen is right. there's always one in the crowd that goes too far. sadly, sometimes it's the whole crowd that does. just gotta help out if you can, the idols and others in the company can only do so much. even if you don't know them, you see someone in trouble help them. it's just like with a regular stranger. what if one of them had anxiety so bad they broke down and passed out cause they were in a crowd of strangers and couldn't find the others/someone they knew?