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You see! The world is full of geniuses! I think we can colonize the sun with people like her! In the day and age of social media, you have to be absolutely careful what you say because a slip of a lip can sink a ship. Oh and dude, all we do is screen shot! Btw on behalf of my husband Deadpool I will say this to you. "Stick a chimichanga up your butt and do a sit and spin" lmfao!
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Unfortunately common sense is not that common @boogleman
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@DustinAtkinson Idk I'm just gone say that this is another example of parents looking for a scapegoat..
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They've made poster warnings expressing how Deadpool doesn't approve of children watching. A lot of people have this thing where they have to ruin something good for everyone else. And it urkes me to no extent. It's a Rated R movie...just like all the OTHER Rated R movies that have been made....they aren't KID APPROPRIATE. Jeez....馃槕
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America everyone. 'merica.
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Lmaoo wtf? Didn't they watch the trailer? That alone should tell you it's my appropriate for 9-year-olds
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