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I actually found this harder than I thought it would be - there are just too many beautiful boys!
Ultimate Bias I was actually a fan of TOP's before I was familiar with kpop. I first fell in love with him in the movie "Commitment". When I discovered Big Bang it was all over. He's gorgeous and talented. He's weird and he embraces it - which makes him all the more amazing in my eyes
Bias Wrecker G Dragon.... need I say more?
Bias Creeper D.O. has been quietly creeping up my bias list. I love his voice and his eyes. His ability to go from sweet and adorable to Satansoo instantaneously is amazing. Also his lips... just.. wow.
Bias Murderer Every time I see Jimin dance, I die. Then I come back to life just so I can watch him again. His body, his voice - this boy has it all.
Sneaky Bias Oh look, it's BTS's adorable V, he's so cute and innocent looki-..... What the... wow. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin...
Secret Bias Jung Kook. - So. young.
Best (clothed) Body Bias Minhyuk from CN Blue...beautiful.
Tattoo Bias I love GD's tattoos. We have similar taste in tattoos - I also have phrases as well as tattoos on my wrists that go together. I love how his tattoos seem a bit random, but have meaning for him.
Best Abs Bias, yeah.
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TOP, GD and Taeyang... I agree on D.O too. he can creep. .. I love it. *grabbing my towel* @Jiyongixoxo Thank you for playing. 💖
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I love all your Bias choice !!!😍😍😍😍