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finally. a useful use for the book xD I mean come on. misa was an airhead lol
@Earsx18 she pretended to believe that to be happy, she wanted him to like her and he gave her the stage for her to play on... also I sincerely hope this isn't an abortion joke... while I'm pro choice... abortion isn't funny...
@yamijeanfranco yeah... anyone *cough* Matsuda *cough*
@MaighdlinS over all..she knew she was being used and still went along with it all...sounds dumb to me lol. and I don't think so? but...I mean the death note is used to kill people. so..if this implies that she was pregnant...she and of course the kid would die. but take it as you will. i still think this was a funny idea
@yamijeanfranco that is true lol but she actually thought that light liked her- (all he was doing was using her), I mean I feel bad for her..but she was pretty dense for thinking he liked her
not sure if she was an airhead. I mean, anyone probably looks like an airhead to the side of Light and L