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Hello EXO-L! Due to many requests, we are considering selling the banners for after concert fans or fans who didn't get lucky. These will be offered at a discount and will go towards repairs on Different cities that hasn't got the stuff OR Refund repairs. We will not be using packages but maybe Photocards, Postcards, and Them fancy cards that are see through. Wristbands, Pens, buttons, Silicons, and stickers may not be available. Details later REFUND CITIES There will be a small form to fill out. Only 3 questions That will make refunds easier Affected Cities: All requested Details soon Shipping Cities I understand we are taking long and we apologize. As soon as the tour ends, we will go all in for your stuff. We only had a few weeks and obviously we were understaffed. But do not think you're getting screwed There will be a form for you to fill. Very quick just a Package and address. Do not use Banner forms or any other forms. Oh forgot this is limited time while supplies last. Thanks -Team of EXO'luXion UNIVERSE