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If you are expecting a sweet loving story to make your day fill with laughter. Please press the ↝EXIT↜ key right now... this card will NOT!! I repeat will NOT!! help you, if you already had a bad day!!! Please exit immediately!!!
The story begin with one small cute sweet text from her asking me if I want to help on BB community. Sweet right!!!! NO!!!! My nightmare start from here when I response....""""glad to help on anything""""
Our endless work Work WORK!!!!!
When you are suffering..
Didn't want to tag her own BB Squad Team!!!!
When she do tag... she got my screen name wrong... which I reminded her about my name changed!!!!!
The Valentine's Cards she bombing us with... Shame on her!!!!!
What other members has to say about her!!
My heart are broken in pieces...
I don't think I can ever believe in Love anymore.
Is that enough proofs to file against her???? Can I ..Can I????
(FYI: I will only accept your answer as YES!)
This is just something to keep me Alive. Tag my poor Squad Team @Helixx @jiyongleo @catchyacrayon
*clears throat* I mean who is this bad person .....I bet they're feeling really guilty around now . I don't know who that person is be I will find them and give them cookies because they are hilarious (^___^) *clears throat* I'm mean PUNISH THEM *Sprays water* Bad person BAD!!
@Sailynn @Helixx U two shouldn't be laughing... this is a SAD card.... very SAD card 😈😈😈😈
I'm actually impressed......How did you get the stickers to do that!! Your editing skills are amazing, plz teach Kwon....I will be good . . and if you dont teach's okay I still have my butt dance ~(^.^)~
O.M.G... I'm laughing so hard right now.
@lovetop Yes, please teach us these skillz oh Master TOP Oppa!
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