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Woot woot! So the next part is up and here are my results!
1. Okay but I need to go to the library.... 2. Theres nothing wrong with studying Wooyoung (Pouty face) 3. I suppose 4. (Laughs) That's a good one. 5. (Turns red) I- I'm sorry..... 6. Uh.... (Still extremely red) 7. Wait! Let me get that. (Releases the laces) 8. Do you two need some help? 9. (Asks to both, above) 10. I know I saw this tree before....
11. Taecyeon! (Smiles) 12. (Blushes red) I'm sorry.... (Hugs back) 13. Oh hey we are over here! (Waves hands) 14. (Blushes and pushes Taecyeon away) .... 15. I'm sorry. Don't cry (Pats his back) 16. (Smiles) It's fine. I'm not hurt. Don't blame yourselves. 17. Ah! So sleepy! 18. T- Taecyeon what are you doing? (Blushes) 19. Hmm? (Turns to look) 20. What!
21. I guess I have to....
22. Thank you for letting me stay. I hope I'm not a bother for you guys.
23. Mmm smells good! 24. Ice cream cake! (Does dance) (Put Compilation in there lol XD) 25. You will get a stomach ache. To be continued....
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Yaaaay! Thank you for playing! :D