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Aaaah Guys I'm so excited right now!!! ♡ Look What just happened on V Naver App!!
Yes Monbebes want you guys to be safe pleaaase!
Shownu Gives I.M some of his drink. (OTP anyone?)
I don't think he really liked it Lol
That is ur Monbebe Fan Base To You ;D *But please Monbebes don't get too out of hand* Issue about this check out @tayunnie card (here).
Some More Drink Talking!! :)
OTP anyone yet??
Since, Shownu Promised. He did what he promised and danced lol
How about now is it your OTP yet? lol
Bonus: Some Chest For You!
And then one of the fans call I.M "Appa, Please take care of your health!!!" Hahaha ㅋㅋㅋ Appa?
Aaww I.M's happy to be back out!!! ^^
So, they met up with Seungwoo and Jooheon to go eat and headed to go get Pizza because of Seungwoo's suggestion and Monbebes' votes!

Am I the only one extremely happy after watching this????

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Happy level activated 😄
I declare the Shownu and I.M. ship... . . . . SHOWN.I.M. (pronounced Show-nim)
@ILikeHisFace123 I love it but I'm still a Jooheon IM shipper 😍😍 this while group is just a giant Ship
@PrettieeEmm I'm a huge Jooh-I.M. shipper too!!😊😊