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Hyuna recently did an advertisement with Tony Moly and 4Minute fans are complaining that it isn't a flattering picture of Hyuna (who is naturally so gorgeous!)

But, she looks really natural so maybe that's what Tony Moly was going for! The only reason I'd say that this is a bad advert is because it doesn't really make me want to go to Tony Moly and buy their skin products haha

I wouldn't say this is a bad picture at all its just SO different from the Hyuna image we're used to :)

What do you think? Unflattering or just different?!

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But she looks hot point blank period with a dot😂 she makes me feel like a crusty avocado..😂
Different she's just gorgeous in general
I think the ad is great and she looks more beautiful with all that make up off
I liked the ad a lot, she looks really beautiful
I think regardless of differences, she's gorgeous. So yeah.