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I know it isn't Monday, but I wanted to share this really awesome song that I LOOOOOVE called "Saturday Night Fever."

Listen at 0:55!

월요일 싫어!

(weol-yo-il shi-reo)

I hate Mondays!

Listen at 1:00

토요일 밤이 나는 좋아!

(to-yo-il bam-i na-neun jo-a!)

I love Saturday nights!

Do you guys have any K-indie artists you like!?

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I don't know if Jung Joonyoung could be considered indie (maybe some of his songs, he's more rock) but I love his songs! You should check him out ^^
@daljiyong have you seen his latest MV?? It gave me frigging chills. And his acting. .. wow. Here's the link just in case.
Hyukoh of late~
Lol I was listening to work by Rihanna while scrolling the memes
😃 i totally just ran across a new indie group named: Standing Egg. Daebak! 👍