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"Best birthday present ever!" Jhope said. I laughed "That wasn't even going to be a present. You just lucky." "Well today was great. And I'm not leaving till the morning soooo." He rolled onto his side looking at me smiling. "Ok that's good." I smiled back. We didn't get to bed till very late and when we did I fell asleep with my head on his chest. We had talked for a good amount of the time and it was nice. But sadly morning came and he had to go. Once he was gone I had to clean the apartment up. My Hope: I miss you Me: you only left an hour ago. My Hope: so what. Don't you miss me? Me: yea I'm always missing you My Hope: I love you (y/n) Me: I love you too hobi. I felt like nothing could take away the happiness I felt. I was on cloud 9. *ding* I looked at my phone thinking it was my hope but it wasnt. My face dropped. Mom: hi dear. Could you please call me. It's urgent. What the heck does she have to say to me. I called her real quick. She answered fast. "What is it mom?" "Honey I know your upset....but it's been a few months and I think you need to come home." "I'm not coming back ever." "Even if your father is dying?" My stomach dropped. "What?" "The doctor only Says he has a month to live." "No I won't come home...he didn't want me and so I'm not his daughter anymore." "(Y/n) you know he still loves you." "No mom he doesn't. I'm sorry he's sick but I'm staying where I'm at." "(Y/n) please." "I'm gotta go bye mom." I quickly hung up. I shouldn't feel bad. He didn't want me and so now that I'm gone what will it matter. He's not my dad and im not his daughter anymore. I seriously tried not to care, I did. But of course I was worried. I may hate my parents but the idea of one of them not being around anymore felt weird. I decided to take a walk. I think I'd be ok after the nice cool air hit my face. I don't even know where I was going my feet just took me somewhere. I had gotten to the busy part of town and decided to get myself a coffee. I walked into and went to the counter. I placed my order and sat at a table. That's when I heard his voice. "I really have missed you." "Yea I missed you too!" "So how long are you here for?" "Well I was planning on staying here." "Really?" "Yea, are you ok with that?" "Of course. I'd love it if you didn't go back." Who was this girl he was talking to. I stood up planning on just ignoring it and asking him later when we weren't in public. That failed miserably. When I stood up the coffee I ordered ended up all of me. I screamed at how hot it was. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." The guy said dabbing at my shirt. "It was my fault. Don't worry about it." "Did you get burned?" He asked "No I'm fine. Really." "(Y/n) are you ok." I turned and was face to face with Jhope. I smiled "I'm fine go back to what you were doing with this pretty women" I turned back to walk away but he grabbed my arm. "No your more important. Are you sure you didn't get burned." He turned me back to him. I had tears forming but I tried to push them back. I was sure I hadn't been burned but he was so sure I had to of been burned. "I'll go home and check ok." "Ill come with." He said turning to his friend. "I'm sorry sis I'll come visit you another time. Just let me know where you're staying." "Alright Hoseok, go take care of your girlfriend." "Bye sis." He said walking me out of the shop. I didn't talk. I was mad at myself for getting upset at his sister. But she was so pretty who would have guessed they were related. Once we walked in my apartment I quickly went to my room and took my shirt off. I wasn't burned just had a slight red area. "Does it hurt?" "No it really doesn't....hobi....I'm so sorry." "For?" "I was upset over your sister. I thought maybe you were cheating on me....but I didn't want to talk about it in public so I was gonna leave and just talk to you later.....I'm really sorry." "(Y/n) I'll never cheat on you. You are too precious to me." "I promise I won't think it a possibility ever." "Good." He said kissing my head "She just got back from being out of the country so I don't think my parents know yet." "Oh so that's it." "Yup." "I have something to tell you...." "What is it babe?" "Well I got a call from my....." His phone went off. He silenced it. "Go on." "Ok my mom called and..." his phone went off again. "Just answer it." I smiled "Ok I'll take care of this real quick." He quickly walked out of the room and started talking to whoever was on the otherside. He was only gone a minute then walked back in. "I'm sorry I have to go. They have some important news to tell us. I'll come back tonight and you can tell me then ok?" "Ok." He ran to me and pressed his lips to mine and then ran out the door. I hope everything is ok. I turned and flopped onto my bed. Man I was exhausted. Hopefully Jhope could help me figure out what to do about my dad when he got back.
So that's it....I struggled a little but here's a little filler.... I hope you enjoy it.
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