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How to Choose Part 16 Your Choice

“Maybe she doesn’t like us anymore, she has this great job now,” another voice teases from the side.
A calming peace falls over you at the sound of their voices, their touch on your back and arm. Beloved faces appear as you turn to look at each of them, afraid that tears are going to start. This time, tears of happiness. You take each of them into a fierce hug and give them a smooch. Red spots appear on their faces and you threaten to leave your lipstick smeared all over them.
Small talk lasts only so long, you are back in Korea, you have a job so they know you’re staying. All they want to know now is what it means for each of them.
Suga and the others arrive to save you. For a minute you thought he wasn’t going to follow through with his side. Instead he just decided to take his time, maybe enjoying a little revenge at seeing you so awkward. While the group all starts chatting, you gently tug on an arm and ask for a few minutes. A nod, a smile, your hand in his, and he walks you off to the balcony. It seems he knows what is going to be said, you can see it in his eyes. He doesn’t appear upset, maybe just relieved that it is out in the open.
Before you can say anything he puts his finger on your lips and begins, “I’ve known all along. But I had to try.”
You cup his beloved face in your hands and smile, “I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t.” You give him another kiss, “You know how much I love you right? You understand what that means?’”
“Yes, I still lover you,” he smiles. “I will still care, I can still make you laugh; I would give anything to make you and him happy, and that is each other.” He pulls you in close and wraps his arms around you. “This will stay, this friendship, this love.” He pulls back to look you in the face, “I am here always, my Sapid.”
If anyone noticed that you and Tae had disappeared onto the balcony, they had the good grace to not mention it. You and Tae walk back into the room arm and arm, he’s kissing the side of your head and telling you a really bad joke so that you laugh. Namjoon just keeps looking back and forth between you, but you know there is nothing new for him to see. As you approach the group, Suga pipes up saying he’s tired, they’ve made their appearance, it’s time to leave. The members hug you and tell you congrats as they pass. Tae leans over with a quick kiss and a sideway glance at Namjoon, you whisper, “Suga will tell you.” He nods, laughingly jumps on top of Jiminie and they head out the door.
Namjoon is the last, he’s waiting till the others leave so that he can have a private word.
“So you’ve made your decision,” he starts, hands in his pockets, rocks back and forth, looks anywhere but at you.
“I ,” you begin but he cuts you off, “Good, that’s good. It’s better to know.” He nods and starts to walk off as you grab his arm; “Oppa,” he pauses, “can I talk to you in a little bit? Away from here?” He nods and quickly covers the distance to the exit.
Ken and Jimin come up from behind. “Well?”
“I don’t know,” you say as you watch him leave. “I guess I’ll see in the morning if I have a relationship or if I’m making a fool of myself.”
Jimin, wraps you in a hug, “It will work, we all know it will, even Min Yoongi. It’s plain that he loves you.”
You nod nervously as you hug her back. They lead you over to tell the boss thank you and good night. More bows, a few handshakes, and you’re finally in the car.
When Jimin’s phone goes off she leans over to share it with you. “Min Yoongi says everyone knows and is on board, all is good and they have gone to bed.”
You nod thanks and wring your hands nervously. Telling yourself you shouldn’t be nervous isn’t working as your mind and body are disagreeing. Ken stops at the curb and steps out to escort you to the door. You knock softly and within a minute Yoongi opens it. He looks over his shoulder, bows to Ken, than brings you inside, handing you clothes as you pass.
You escape to the bathroom to change, the shorts are only slightly too big so you roll the waist down, but the t-shirt is wonderfully baggy. You tip toe across the living room, leaving your dress and purse by the couch and quietly open a door on the side. His roommate looks up with a smile, gives you thumbs up, takes his pillow and heads out the door.
He is already asleep so you just sort of stand there for a minute and stare. He tries to be so strong, so brave for everyone but you know most of it is an act. The fact that he is a giant teddy bear is mostly why you love him. He is restless in his sleep, so you move to the end of the bed and carefully crawl between him and the wall.
As you wrap your arms around him, you kiss his neck and lay your head on his back. You can feel the moment he wakes up as he stiffens, then rolls over to look at you.
“Jagi? Am I dreaming?” he whispers as he tries to take you in while still waking up. You smile and shake your head no. “But I thought, you said you’d decided…” He brushes his hand over your face as if to make sure that you are really there, you capture it and kiss his palm.
“You thought wrong,” you tell him as you move in closer to his warmth. “You, Oppa, it’s always been you. I just had to be separated from you to figure it out,” you manage to say before his mouth comes down on yours.
Some time during the night, you’re awoken by a hand stroking your hair, lips kissing the top of your head. You smile sleepily as you snuggle back into the curve of his arm, wrapping him tightly in your embrace.
“It isn’t a dream, Oppa. But if it is, let’s neither of us ever wake up.”
The End.
I hope you enjoyed it!
We made the same choice!💖 Namjoonie fills my mind, soul and my heart💖💖💖 So binge worthy! Definitely one of my favorites!! You really played with the feels!! lol
I'm crying! This was so good! I love how you ended it! :)
I want to first apologize for not giving this fan fic the time of day thinking it was something else. I'm happy I left my doubts and assumptions and took a chance on it. the best thing I've done in a while. I also want to acknowledge that I'm happy it wasn't NamJoon and Jimin I had to choose between, I would have died. Taehyung is so best friend.. I think we would mash well in reality.
took me my precious sleep but it was worth every minute it's 2:21am lol
thank you @LemonLassie :)
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