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Korean 101: Confess!
A few weeks @poojas asked you if she should confess or not (here!)

Here are a few songs all about confessing!



Confession (usually related to confessing your love for someone!)


Hot Potato - Confession

아무리 생각을 하고 또 해도 믿어지 지 않을 만큼 사랑해

Not matter how much I think it over, I can't believe how much I love you.


BTOB - Second Confession

널 위해 방 안에서 틀어박혀 고백 연습

For you, I stay cooped up in my room, practicing my confession


Deli Spice - Confession

A different kind of confession...an apology!

미안해 너의 손을 잡고 걸을 때에도 떠올랐었어 그 사람이

I’m sorry, even as we walked holding hands thoughts of that person came to mind

Have you ever confessed to someone before?!

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heck yeah I have confessed😦😅 but as always rejection was something I know Far to well 😏 I'm used to it 😌 actually I look forward to it😯😅😂😂 I just love having crushes, because really relationships are complicated I have only had one and it didn't go well, been single ever since and in reality I don't mind at all😍 I love spending time with my boys I have way so much fun with them my kids or maybe it's because I got out of a unhealthy relationship that I feel relief? anyways even today I confess my love to my husband #LEEJUNGSHIN (in my Lalaland) 🙈🙈🙈 I'm sometimes afraid because he might feel pressure I'm so in love with him but I wouldn't stop him from actually having a relationship with anyone 😰 lol I'm not the obsessive type 😝 those kind of people freak me out really😳 So yeah I confessed Like some of you guys said what to loose? oh by the way, I think I would run if I would too have❤ Lee Jung Shin❤ in front of me😨😵😱😖 I would definitely choke 😫 😭 lol
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@GuerlyReyes drowning in the kpop life has definitely distracted me from pursuing any relationships. I mean the one guy I've like for like 3 years now, I confessed to last weekend. He ruins me for other men, my one irl bias lol
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@SunnaWalo Kpop ruins life’s 😳. .. but it helps us to put our standards high 😦😅😏... lol #SingleForLife 😭... lol what group or band his he from? it is IRL? your bias?
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Um my actual bias is Jimin from BTS but I confessed to my IRL bias, that's my nickname for him when I don't want to say his name lol
a year ago·Reply
@SunnaWalo aww me sorry for making you say it😔.😙
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