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trying to maintain a strong relationship with my bf rn. but he's constantly "busy" saying he's doing hw, or either playing games. and I don't want to bug him. later finding out he's hanging with some other girl. what do I do? I don't want to go into assumption thinking he likes somebody else. I trust him- but scared it might not be enough
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Don't think of the worst they can be just friends. Ask him who the chick is he should ask u if he can hang with other girls first off all.
I think that you should voice your concerns to him. you have every right to ask about it because he didn't tell you about it and he lied to you about what he was doing. I do hope that they are just friends. he shouldn't have to ask if he can hang with girls but he should at least let you know about it.
make yourself busy too.. just 'ignore' him for a while.. maybe guys need some space sometimes.. texting with him when time is need.. wait for his response..
Tell him you really want to talk and it's important, express all your worries, and ask him what he needs. If it's free time, then give him space, but it's best to at least communicate your feelings!
How often do you see him? It could possibly be that he really is busy. But if the arrangement that the two have with each other as far as how often you two see each other isn't working for you, bring up the conversation. Try to figure out a way to solve this -- together.