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Lee Min Ho's album is now in Itunes !! All try this link... You can hear sample snippets of the songs -- and they sound really good !! I love the feel and rhythm of each song. Oppa, your album is sooo good ! It's more than I ever expected from an album made just for fan service and charity. You made us proud to be Minoz !!
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hahaha i had to say sorry to my boyfriend for using his hk credit card to buy the album (i turned him into a minoz already:-))... he said as long as im happy thats what matters, guess what sisters? he even sent me posters and post cards of Lee MinHo ( he asked his niece who visited Korea to buy those stuffs) all the way from Hong Kong to Canada! he is my daebak bf for more than four years but he was never jealous of LMH, thankful though for making me happy:-)
@ennairamaleuzer you're so lucky!!! I wish I had a boyfriend like yours! (if I can't have LMH) haha
i will pray for you sistah! it took me some thiryish rough years to bump on him馃槃! i also wish our prince would find his true love because in hos situation right now, thats the most difficult thing to do...
Yes finally it's arrive.... Yahooo thank you for this cheers guys were so addicted and crazy :-)