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For this female crush friday I have to go with Jung Eunji. She is my actress/idol bias. She has an amazing voice and is a pretty good actress too!
I didn't know about Eunji or much about Apink until I saw Eunji in Reply 1997 in 2012. I had a few of Apink's songs but that was about it. Once I saw Reply 1997, I fell for her. The drama was captivating and I knew she was gonna be amazing going foward! Reply 1997 is one of my favorite dramas and it has some of my favorite kiss scenes as I've mentioned in a past card which I'll also add above. Not only did it Eunji solidify that she can act but many believe it also propelled Apink into the spotlight as well. Talk about all around awesomeness!
Since Reply, she has been in dramas such as That Winter, The Wind Blows as well as starred in Trot Lovers and Cheer Up (Sassy Go Go). I've like them all but I may be a bit biased. :P
And when talking about Eunji we can't forget to mention her singing career and being in Apink. Eunji has an amazing voice and has sang songs for many of the dramas she has been in. I've linked a few of my favorite songs. 1. All For You - Eunji and Seo In-guk 2. Remember - Apink 3. LUV - Apink 4. Petal - Apink 5. Secret - Apink
Photos with Apink members!
How could you not like her! She's freaking adorable as you can see from the pics above!
Bonus pic of me at the fan meet for Apink's Pink Memory Tour in North America San Francisco stop. It was an AMAZING experience! And these are just some of the reasons why Eunji is one of my female crushes! *Pictures and gifs are credited to their owners. Tagging the same people that were tagged in my previous card. @poojas @angiey0222 @kpopandkimchi @biancadanica98 @VeronicaArtino @NickySerban @elizabeth1234 @jannatd93 @merryjayne13 @krin @Kamiamon @ILikeHisFace123 @noWaifuNoLaifu @MissyKim @sosoaloraine23 @SharayahTodd @Blubear @Sunnydaebak @Meeshell @imahhbanker @JamiMilsap @britneyamanda @carenabobo @veeyang5
What a great choice! She is so cute! I loved her in Reply 1997 and APink was one of the first female groups that I liked!! It's incredible that you got to meet her !!
Amazing crush choice!! 😍
I love her, especially in Cheer Up! She was funny in Reply 1997 too. Eun Ji is so beautiful!!!
I LOVE Eun Ji!!!! Awesome crush choice!!!