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"I was in my dorm for a month and a half and I realized that I was going to go crazy at that rate. I told my manager hyung that I wanted to do something and set out to find something. I eventually visited a disabled home. It was hard to face people at first because it seemed like everyone was saying I did wrong. I was so happy, though. I was happy for every moment. The children gave me hope. They were disabled but they didn't let it bother them. They played and shouted like normal kids and that gave me strength. It was a great experience. Ever since I joined 2PM, I've only been running forward. I wanted to do everything I could because you never know when you'll lose popularity. Even if I was tired, I'd get greedy and always ask for more. I think what happened was a warning for me to start living slowly. Because I ran ahead so fast, I could only see ahead of me. It gave me an opportunity to slow down and look around me." Source: netizenbuzz, newsen, nate