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ummm here is some Teen Top trying to put the moves on and completely failing hahaha
wow. please someone stop him lol #stopchunji2k16
situtation: niel is a girlfriend arriving in a provocative outfit...chunji totally creeping #stopchunji2k16
don't even try to fight off Niel's attack!! it's deadly!! #stopniel2k16
cap creepin #stopcap2k16
situation: chunji meeting up with a girlfriend. Niel is showing off all his charms!! #stopniel2k16
Cap going into complete creep mode. totally sketchy!! #stopcap2k16
Changjo sending his overbearing love to Niel... #stopchangjo2k16
well maybe you learned a trick or two bit I hope you learned more of what not to do while flirting hahaha #stopteentop2k16 #neverstopteento2k16 #creepin #TEENTOPlove #keepcreepinteentop #youdoyou #hopeteentopneverstops #teentopforever xoxo angels

please tweet at teen top tonight angels and search teen top on melon and watch their music video at least once today we are doing an world wide Angel event to thank teen top for all their hard work on their warning sign come back since this is their good bye stage!!!

@kkellymeyer Thanks so much!!!
@ChaErica I used 2 videos https://youtu.be/Qq5Nra6n6jY there is this one and https://youtu.be/8gUFBM8g6Dc this one too!! enjoy!! ♡♡♡
Omg they are hilarious! What's video is this from? I have to watch it now!!
someone tell CAP to stop bias wrecking me. I seriously can not handle this. He is trying to steal me alway from my UB and its not cool. His moves are working I tell ya!