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With Oscar season in full effect, all eyes are on A-List actor Leonardo DiCaprio - whose somehow had a successful career in Hollywood for nearly three decades without ever landing the esteemed award.
Everyone's waiting to see what happens, especially the artists of Line Animation Studio, who came together to create Leo's Red Carpet Rampage, a hilarious and timely mobile game where players dodge paparazzi and fellow nominees on the way to Oscar glory.

Go, Speed Leo! Get those awards!

The game even has special bonus rounds, where players can help Leo 'act harder' or are asked to scan through a crowd of celebrities to 'find the black nominee' - which is (spoiler alert) intentionally unwinnable, according to game director Sam Taylor.
"It felt like it would be remiss of us not to cover one of the most controversial aspects of this year's Oscar season, which was the fact that there weren't many black nominees in a pool of talent which had a few good contenders who were of color."
You can check out a fan-created game play video above, or download it on your phone yourself to get in helping Leo score an Oscar once and for all!

Are you going to download the game? Do you think Leo finally has what it takes to bring home a trophy this year?

Let me know in the comments below!
So funny....yet so sad.