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We already learned some sick words here and some hospital words here but what about just general aches and pains!?


To hurt


It hurts! (ah-pah-yo)

Listen at 1:18 to hear the word pronounced!

Things that can hurt:

Head - 머리 (meo-ri)

Heart - 마음 (ma-eum)

Foot - 발 (bal)

Ear - 귀 (kwi)

Body - 몸 (mohm)

Eyes - 눈 (noon)

Now if the thing that hurts ends in a VOWEL you need to add "가" (gah)

If it ends in a CONSONANT you need to add an "이" (ee)

눈이 아파요 - My eyes hurt (noon-i apayo)
머리가 아파요 - My head hurts (meo-ri-ga apayo)

It's just the way Korean works :)

If you speak Spanish, think of it like how you don't say "...y ingles" you'd change the "y" to "e" just cause it sounds better!

If something hurts you and you want to say 'ouch' you can also just shout 아파! (ah-pah!)

Who else uses this word a lot!?

also instead of saying "ow" they say "앗" (aht) but they don't really pronounce the "t" so it's more just "아" (ah)
1) 몸이아파요 ( my body hurts) 2) 귀 가 아파요 ( my ear hurts ) 3) 머리 아파요 ( my head hurts) 4) 눈이 아파요 ( my eye hurts) 5) 발이 아파요 ( my foot hurts) 6) 마음 이 아파요 ( my heart hurts)
At least a few times a day, I can't walk and chew gum at the same time so I will always find a way to trip on a flat surface really it's a talent for me
I use it everyday.
can you send another link of the hospital words? its not working for me.
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