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i wanna be able to do acoustic songs like this....this is singing... i love this..this is my fream to be a singer like these guys and possibly even play a guitar...what do you guys wanna achieve? comment below your dreams..coureer wise or meeting certain people.. starting to feel insecure about my weight..i think im too fat..i weigh like 56kg...and im 15 this yr...any tips on a good plan to loose weight so far im sorta dieting...but i think im starving myself.... help plz...i wanna be skinnier... el tags: @Dabaesaplayer @KaeliShearer @punkpandabear @LenaBlackRose @kelseyblair @nnatalieg @DreaG1518 @mariadelzam @reyestiny93 @zaperz @Choijiah @TashiannaBostic @kyokeo @xojuliettexox @JoseCullen @DawanaMason @nell03 @SierraBecerra @punkpandabear @Defy24601 @moonchild03 @ElizabethT @externallyeli @CreeTheOtaku @deefran @EmilySavage @MalihaAhmed @KokoroNoTakara @bambamisbae @Dabaesaplayer @JasminMartinez @Mendoza0896 @QueenLee @RihannaTiaMay @otakukpopgirl @VoidX @ChaKaGe @XergaB20 @DancingPotato @StephaniePoore @tbbishixo @kenjutsu101 @JackieG1617 @torchix @ARMYStarlight @PrettieeEmm @KeziahWright @SarahVanDorn@VictoriaBossier @TracyLynnn @luna1171 @Sammie99522 @RainaC3 @ChaErica @RinaBea @KaeliShearer @HalimaOsman @jessicacheung97 @lrngalray15 @MelissaGarza @ninjamidori @PatriciaS @wordlesseyes @JaiiPanda @Kitty17 @BessanMerab @NEOisRealo
@RebeccaLondon @reyestiny93 @JackieG1617 @ToppDogg thx for commenting guys and thanks for he advice jackie
@reyestiny93 almost anyone can learn to sing. the most important thing is to develop your ear. I used a recorder and would recorder myself singing. after I would listen and find my mistakes. I would do it over and over until it was perfect.
me and my two other friends' dream is to actually become a Kpop idol. I know it seems really unrealistic, and the fact that we are all non-korean and Live in America just makes it more unrealistic. But we are really wanting to be Kpop idols!
Don't be insecure! If I were you, I would focus more on having fun and dancing and singing and maybe making videos if that's your thing. :)
my goals to loose some weigh so I can be healthy and to learn to sing cause I sound like some is murdering me lol but ppl keep saying you have to be born with the ability to sing...? but I'll keep trying >~<
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