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It's time to talk about being shy!

부끄럽다 - To be shy/ashamed/embarrassed


어색하다 - To be awkward


부끄러워요 - I'm shy!


너무 부끄러워요! - I'm so embarrassed!

(neo-mu boo-kkeu-reo-weo-yo)

어색해 죽겠어요! - This is so awkward, I'm going to die!

(eo-saek-hae ju-ke-sseo-yo!)

Is anyone else a horribly awkward person in real life like me!?

I absolutely love all the help you give us with our Korean language lessons! I was wondering if it would be possible to use the word(s) you teach us in sentences so we could get a better idea about the grammer involved with the specific words you teach us? That would be the cherry on top of the icing on the cake - for me anyways ... my goal is to expand my ability to speak fluently not just expand my vocabulary. Again thank you for all of your tireless effort to teach us. d(^¿^)b
I need help with some cute, flirty phrases to use with a guy I like...I need help. 😢😢
@robertakm64 yeah! I love that too . Slowly we will learn how to construct a sentence.
I'm really awkward when it comes to the person I like or attractive people....
I'm super shy an awkward in person unless I know you. And when I get shy I blush super easily ugh! 😞😒😔
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