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Korean 101: I'm SHY!

It's time to talk about being shy!

부끄럽다 - To be shy/ashamed/embarrassed


어색하다 - To be awkward


부끄러워요 - I'm shy!


너무 부끄러워요! - I'm so embarrassed!

(neo-mu boo-kkeu-reo-weo-yo)

어색해 죽겠어요! - This is so awkward, I'm going to die!

(eo-saek-hae ju-ke-sseo-yo!)

Is anyone else a horribly awkward person in real life like me!?

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@robertakm64 yeah! I love that too . Slowly we will learn how to construct a sentence.
2 years ago·Reply
One of the most awkward people ever
2 years ago·Reply
PAINFULLY awkward and HORRENDOUSLY shy... most days. Once I somehow start talking to someone I get pretty outgoing...but the initial meeting part is so awkward for me.
2 years ago·Reply
Awkward me and my crush sitting in a car waiting for 40 mins. for my brother to pick me up from was awkward the last line would have came in handy alot! The whole time I wanted to slap his phone out of his hands.
2 years ago·Reply
Me...I..awkward. ..,shy 100%
2 years ago·Reply