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So a few months ago, I wrote a card about the McDonald's Goddess, a Taiwanese fast food cashier that took the Internet by storm for her good looks and adorable sing-songy voice. Today, it was brought to my attention that there's options out there for the ladies too - in the form of hunky street vendors.

Ladies, meet the guys serving up your streetside groceries with a little extra eye candy.

(Warning: There's no way to write this without sounding like an issue of TeenBeat magazine. Gentlemen, please divert your eyes.)
So the trend hit the Internet all thanks to Chen Yi-Tin, a Taiwanese part-time model turned street vendor that had his picture shared by women in Taipei after spotting him selling bean curd in a local market.
Since blowing up the Chinese blogging site Weibo last summer, Yi-Tin's career's been on serious lock, grabbing him plenty of Instagram followers and campaigns modeling anything from fitness clothes to underwear. (GET ITTTT.)
Not to be outdone, Malaysia soon called everyone's attention to their own male-model-slash-vendor Jordan Yeoh, who saw what Yi-Tin was going in Taiwan and thought, "Hey, why not go help my aunt and uncle with their durian stand?" And then, boom. Overnight Internet celebrity and fitness guru. Asia's social media game doesn't mess around.
If you don't know what it is, durian is a fruit that smells a whole lot like used diapers. So I guess if your durian shake can still bring the ladies to the yard even though you smell kind of like where Chiquita Banana would go to die, you must be really, really, ridiculously good-looking.
The vendor dude 'arms race' (pun intended) continued with Wang Xiang Hong, another Taipei native who's been pulling in droves of female consumers. As a busy college student, Xiang Hong never modeled professionally and was simply helping out a friend whose fruit stand was understaffed for a few months.
However, Xiang Hong did get to enjoy a brief modeling career before enlisting in the military shortly after.
Lastly, there's a Taiwanese cake shop employee simply known as "Cake Boy". (It sounds better in Taiwanese, I'm sure. Trust.) He first caught local attention after picking up part-time work at a streetside cake shop while attending college for sports, his specialty being volleyball.
He began to go viral on Weibo after women visiting the shop noted his good looks pose something of a striking resemblance to various Korean pop stars popular in the region. (I know we've got some K-Pop fans here on Vingle. Do you ladies agree?)

So what do you guys think of the hunky street vendor trend? Is it shameful vanity or smart business?

Oh my God. I need to aggressively search for the closest passport location like yesterday. I'm a whore for arms. If the dude has arms well then sign me the Effingham up! With that being said, Jordan Yeoh & Wang Xiang Hong can shut up and take my money everyday.
omgooossshhh I still can't get over this. why are they always whipping their faces with their shirts?!? to show off their abs!! that's why!!!
Smart business that needs to be adopted over here in the US, especially here inCali where it's so diverse in culture 馃槏
Why am I not in Taipei? Why was I unfortunate enough to be born in Texas? We don't have that down here....I want that down here...
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