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Hello and welcome! :D First off, I wanna thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read another fanfic! x) Secondly, I don't usually write BTS fanfic so I (J)hope this turns out well like my BigBang fanfic! :D And lastly, this fanfic is dedicated to one of the three winners of my 2 truths and a lie card. So @ElishaFisher, thank you for your continuous support, unnie! I hope this makes you smile! And Happy Birthday! :D (Hopefully I published it in time!) Enjoy! *bows*
The weight from constant textbooks and notepads had worn down the corners of your satchel's black interior. You exit the university's office and make way towards the bus stop, keeping your eyes low enough to avoid any form of contact with other human beings. You find an empty seat in the back of the bus by the window and pull out your current favorite novel. The bus ride was long, but time didn't matter when you're nose deep into a great story. “Y/N, this is your stop,” the bus driver interrupts your imaginary movie. You look up and see him smiling gently through the rear view mirror even though the rest of the passengers on the bus eyed you curiously. “Go on home child.” You stand abruptly and shove your book back into the satchel, fighting to keep balance after the unexpected spring. “Thank you for the lift, ahjusshi! I'm sorry for not paying attention!” You bow. The bus driver waved as you hopped off and made your way to your apartment. You open the door and drop your things on the bed then rummage through your drawers to change into your work out clothes. “In need of a good workout to keep my brain juice flowing later tonight,” you pep yourself up while sprawling on the floor to stretch. You empty your satchel and toss in a protein bar and a couple of water bottles and with the keys secured in your bag, you close the door behind you and walk to the nearby gym. You bow at the woman sitting in the front desk and flash your membership card before proceeding to the woman's changing room to drop off your bag. Like any other gym, there are plenty of already ripped men bench pressing or dead lifting in order to get attention, you smirk to yourself at their desperate efforts and climb onto the treadmill with headphones stationed in your ear. You lip sing to Dope by BTS right away, playing the music video in your head to blur out your surroundings. After a few more songs, the playlist transitions into Converse High, making you smile like an idiot as you ran with converse on your feet. “Skuse me?” A tall shadow appeared in your peripheral vision. You keep your attention forward, <<Maybe if I act like I can't hear anything, he'll go away.>> Your thoughts raced. Out of the corner of you eye, you were able to notice the shadow was a guy. His shorts hang loosely from his hips, and the striped tank top on his upper body didn't even put in the effort to cover the outline of the obvious masculinity. Goosebumps ran down your arms at the exposure of his perfectly sculpted collarbone. <<Stop it you pervert!>> you yell at yourself for only checking out his body. “Hey?” the guy spoke again, more slowly. You stop the treadmill then keep your head down to avoid eye contact and bow at him quickly before hoping off and hurrying back to the woman's changing room. “Aishh, seriously? Does she even know who I am? I'm the golden maknae! No one blows me off like that!” the guy kicked the air in fustration. “You're too sexy to be approaching girls, Kookie. I'll give you all the love you need,” his friend placed a hand on the guy's shoulder and smirked. “Shut up, Jimin. I'm too sexy for you anyways,” Kookie grunted. “She probably just didn't hear me.” Back in the safety of the changing room, you splash water in your face to help cool off your burning cheeks. “Why am I such an awkward potato?” you whine to the mirror. “I should start coming to the gym earlier in the day to avoid situations like these.” The next day you go back to the gym earlier in the evening and find it empty. You sigh in relief and take advantage of the opportunity to use some of the machines. Towards the end of your workout routine, you catch a glimpse of a small group of guys all gathered around someone in the middle. “Go talk to her,” you hear a in between a transitioning song, you sneak a glance and see the same stripped tank top as yesterday. <<Shit, shit, shit>> You stand up and snap up your satchel that laid close by. You maintain your head down and weave through the machinery towards the exit. Then time slows down. You sense someone in front of you but react too slowly, causing you to bump into that individual head first. You ricochet off the other body and stumble backwards a few steps before you lose balance and fall back like a drunkard. Your bag catches onto the handle of a piece of machinery and tears apart when your butt hits the ground. Your stuff scatter in different directions in front of you. “Are you kidding me?” you swear and plunge forward to gather your things. “S-sorry.” “Forget it, it's my own fault for not paying attention,” you exhale the frustration in your voice. “No, m-my folt.” You see the bottom hem of a striped tank top bend down and pick up your favorite novel. You look up to receive it with a smile but instantly feel paralyzed when your brain finally makes the connection between the owner of voice and the face. “Good book?” his simple question accelerates your heartbeat, making it pound loudly in your ears. “W-what?” you mutter out. He smiles shyly then offers you a hand and helps you rise to your feet. “Good book?” he repeated.
You nod once, <<Get it together! I'm in the presence of Jeon Jung-hotdamn-kook!>> You clear your throat and take the book from his hands. “It's my favorite actually, and there's a new book coming out on my birthday next week so I'm re-reading it.” Jungkook stares at you in awe then blushes when you look up into his eyes. “Was yur name?” he looks away and twines his fingers behind his back, exposing his bashful characteristics. “Y/N,” you look away too, embarrassed to find yourself talking to your bias from BTS. “I'm Jeon Jungkook,” he bows and smiles shyly once more. You grab your bag off the handle and tie a knot in the gaping hole. “I buy you new one,” Jungkook implied, trying to to take the satchel from your hands. You pull it to yourself like a protective mother and shake your head, “it's okay, it was getting old anyways,” you reply in Korean. “Oh, you speak Korean. Thank god, my English is horrible,” he chuckles. You smile at him, “Nah, you're getting there. Sorry about that though.” He bites his lip and avoids your gaze. “I must get going, I have to study for a midterm coming up,” you break the silence. His expression falls, “Oh, okay.... where? Maybe my hyung can give you a ride.” You heart stops at the thought of being in a car with other members of BTS, “It's okay, the library is close anyways. Thank you,” you force yourself to say then bow. “It was nice meeting you, sorry for not paying attention.” His face softens, “I'm the one who should be sorry about your bag, are you sure you don't want me to pay for it?” “I'm sure, I have an extra one,” you lie, recalling how tight your budget was since you arrived to Seoul. With another bow, you step around him and head towards the exit. “I'll s-see you around-d!” Jungkook calls out. You turn and smile at him then step into the cool night. “So. Did you get her number?” Namjoon draped an arm around Jungkook's shoulders. “What?” he blushed. “Isn't that the whole purpose of introducing yourself to a girl? To get their number?” Namjoon smirked. “Kind of an awkward introduction, though, way to make her fall for you” Hoseok laughed. “Her number? Crap!” Jungkook threw his head back with his hands covering his face to hide his defeated expression. “Hyung! Give me a ride to the library!” he pleaded to Namjoon. “Why?” Namjoon smirked. “To get her number of course!” “How come Kookie doesn't stalk me?” Jimin whined, making the others laugh. “Let's go,” Namjoon grabbed his keys before Kookie had time to respond to Jimin. Jungkook jumps out of the car with a sweatshirt, “Don't wait for me,” he calls back to his hyungs rushes inside the library. “Our Kookie's first real crush,” Hoseok sighs happily. “Wait till mom finds out,” Jimin grinned. “Let him be,” Namjoon snickered as he pulled away. Jungkook pulled up his hoodie and slipped on his mask to further conceal his identity while he searched through every floor. “Aishh, maybe she was lying,” he said as he sat by the door way to catch his breath. “Excuse me, are there any study rooms available tonight?” you say to one of the librarians at the front desk. Jungkook looks up at the sound of your voice. “Not tonight, sorry,” the librarian responds. You bow and head towards the the furthest corner of the library where there were less people, unaware of the stealthy Jungkook behind you. You settle in and pull out your laptop and notebook, and with more BTS playing in your ear, you were able to focus at the tasks at hand better than ever before. Jungkook sits a few tables away, pretending to read a book to blend in with the surrounding environment. Time passes quickly. You were able to finish your homework and sneak in a couple of chapters from your book before the librarian announced that the library was closing on the overhead. You prop up the book and stare at its beautiful cover, “Maybe my luck will turn on that day.... Maybe I'll actually have enough to afford you.” Jungkook had his head laid on the table, but his eyes remained on you as you gathered your things and rose to your feet. “Huh,” he hummed to himself when you walked by. After a few days of intense cramming for midterms, you finally get the chance to enjoy some sunshine. You slip on your converse and try to look cute with rolled up jeans, and a simple purple t-shirt. “I should go out and buy a new bag with the money mom sent me,” you bite your lip as you approach the mirror to fix your hair into place. “Or I can finally go get that book....” your reflection winks at you.
You leave home and head towards the closest shopping center. As you pass the gym you attend, Jungkook comes running out, waving his hands like a maniac to make you stop. <<Is he stalking me or something?>> you think, then dismiss the childish thought. “Hey Y/N,” he approached with a smile clinging on the corners of his lips. “Hey Jungkook,” you breath, fighting back your own enjoyment of seeing him again. “I was hoping to see you again,” he blushed with his confession and shoved his hands into his front pockets posing like cool kid without a care in the world. “What's up?” “Well,” he bit his lip. “I was wondering if you'd like to grab some coffee with me today.” “What? Why?” you flinch in confusion. “Because, you seem interesting,” he smirked. Your heart fluttered with hope, but your brain reminded you of the day, crushing the five seconds of bliss, “Thanks but, today is a special day, I need to spend it alone. Maybe another time,” you turn away and blink back the tears in your eyes then bow. “Huh? Wait a minute, why? What's today?” he asks, panicking over how to keep you within his reach just a little longer. “My birthday, sorry,” you call back as you walk away. “Shit. Why does she want to be alone?” he mutters to himself with a broken heart on his sleeve. Jungkook goes back inside the gym and sits in the corner, thinking about the event that just occurred and what he might have done wrong. Taehyung approaches Kookie with peaked curiosity. “What happened?” Taehyung squats down and speaks softly. Jungkook tucks his legs in and lays his forehead on his knees. “Aishh, maybe you shouldn't have scared her with such a direct question,” Yoongi sits across from him. Kookie looks up and runs his hands through his hair, “She said she wanted to be alone today.” “Did she say why?” Taehyung pushed on. “She said it was her birthday today.” “You effed up!” Jimin yelled from across the room. “Our Kookie still has a lot to learn about girls,” Yoongi sighed. “Why? I don't get it. I don't understand girls and it took everything within me to approach her! Why is she pulling away so quickly!” Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows in anger. Namjoon shook his head when he saw Kookie's reaction. “Think about it. She's probably here studying abroad, miles away from family, having a hard time adjusting or making friends. She's alone. Maybe afraid even. I think she needs someone right now more than ever but got scared when you offered your company. Maybe she knows you're a part of BTS and pulled back because of the unknown in the ARMY's reaction.” Jungkook stares blankly at his hyung. “I didn't think about it that way,” his voice was small. His hyungs face palmed in unison at the innocence of their golden maknae. “Go to her,” Jin smiles. “Go be her hope!” Hoseok laughed with the pun. Jungkook sprung to his feet and thanked his hyungs for the support and ran out the gym. He runs to the library and asks the librarians if someone with your descriptions had walked in. Being shut down from the librarian, he runs up and down the streets, peering through the windows of stores along the way. After several streets, he stops to take a break and rethink his plan of action. Then it clicks. “The bookstore!” He exclaims and runs to the closest bookstore, remembering you being excited about a new book in the series you were reading. He spots you leaving the bookstore with a few balloons in your hand. His presence catches you off guard, “I've been looking for you everywhere!” Kookie says, taking a hold of your shoulders. The sudden physical contact makes you release the balloons from your hands. They float gracefully, you follow them with your eyes as they drift freely into the sky and disappear. “That was the only thing I could afford as a gift, I couldn't even buy the damn book.” your voice trembled with the urge to cry after the major disappointment. “Forget about the balloons, Y/N. You've been the one drifting in my mind for a while now. I don't know how to explain it but you're all I think about nowadays.” he searched your eyes for a positive response. “You're bluffing, what makes me so special when you've got an army?” He laughs “My heart thinks you're special.” Your face burned, making you cry as a response. Jungkook pulls you in for a hug. “I don't know what it's like to be in your shoes, and I don't understand how you can be such a nerd and engulf yourself in the false reality of a book, so let me show you reality. My reality. I'm not going to let you blow me off this time. Especially not today. Let's celebrate your birthday together.” You nod into his chest the pull back and wipe away the tears. “Let me walk you home, you're going to have to get ready for what I'm thinking,” he says with a grin and takes your hand. Outside of your apartment, you bow and thank him for offering to walk you home. “Go get ready, I'll pick you up at 8 sharp,” he says with a sweet expression. You head inside and release your inner fangirl from its confident. “Oh lawdy, oh lawdy, holy crap, sweet heavens, hot damn!” you squeal with excitement.
Eight o'clock rolls up and as if on cue, there's a rapid knock on your door. You open and blush at how attractive he looked in formal attire. “You look really nice,” he avoided your gaze with a blush of his own. “Oh, thank you, I felt over dressed for a while,” you confess while smoothing out your dress. “No, I think it looks perfect,” his eyes flickered to you just in time to see you flush brighter. He takes your hand and leads you to the waiting car. “Where to boss?” Namjoon grins at you and Kookie through the rear view mirror. “Dinner,” Kookie commands. "Sure thing boss," Namjoon chuckles. <<Ughh, what do I say?>> your thoughts lingered. Jungkook turns to you and sees you fidgeting nervously with your fingers. He reaches across the middle seat and squeezes one of your hands gently and shoots you a soft smile, making you smile back with your thoughts settling in. When you arrive outside a house, Kookie jumps out and opens the door for you. You smile at his gentleman actions and take his extended hand, melting at the warmness of his palm against your fingers. The door opens before you even make it halfway across the yard, “Welcome to Casa de Jin!” Jimin and Hoseok exclaim enthusiastically. They wore black and white, professional waiter attire, and instantly lead you to the backyard where a table had been set up with candles, and rose petals scattered around. A constant smile engraved itself onto your face, reassuring Jungkook with confidence. “Good evening, my name is Kim Taehyung and I will be your main waiter today,” V said as he poured water into both glasses. “Our chef Jin is finishing with the meal preparations at the moment, so please enjoy some sweet swag,” he bowed and left you alone. You blink twice for a moment, unable to understand what he meant, then notice Yoongi in the corner managing the gentle music that filled the atmosphere. It was a beautiful setting, but the highlight was the golden maknae in front of you, observing your every move with aspiring awe in the back of his eyes. Taehyung appeared again with Jimin and Hoseok behind him, bringing in the plates and setting them down on the table. All three bow quickly ad leave you to eat. Dinner is filled with laughter and smiles, nothing felt out of place, it never got awkward even with the both of you blushing simultaneously from time to time. It was a perfect dinner. “I uh, got you something,” Jungkookie blushed and pulled out a wrapped box from under the table. “W-what?” you stutter at the unexpected surprise. You take the box and wrap it carefully, trying hard not to rip the gift paper but also making Jungkook laugh at your delicacy. “Ah,” you gasp, seeing the sequel of your favorite book in your hands. The very sequel that made you cry earlier that day when you discovered that you couldn't afford it. “Lift the cover,” Jungkook encouraged like an excited child. You lift the hard cover slowly and notice a handwritten message inside. “'Let me be your main character from now on.'” you read out loud. Your eyes dart up to see Jungkook grinning with pink cheeks. “So, what do you think?” You bring the book to your lips as a shield to hide your glowing face, “I would like that very much,” you giggle. Jungkook stands up instantly with his hands in the air and cheered, making the other members emerge from their hiding spots and cheer along side their golden maknae. <3
@ElishaFisher I hope this was a wonderful way to spend your birthday! To everyone else, thank you for the support! I'm shooting to drop more BTS fanfics here and there when I get some time to write. For the mean time, I'll be dropping the fanfics for my other two winners soon! Thank you! *bows* <3
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