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Ladies and gentlemen, I made an evil marry boink kill to spicy things up a bit. I personally like the darker and troubled side of a character. Each of these guys in the marry boink kill challange have great dynamics and they are super sexy at bad! I will answer first!

Marry Klaus Boink Eric Kill Lucy (sorry Lucy, I still have a spot in my heart for you)

Keep in mind I will have some more marry boink kill and other scenarios coming up! Stay tuned! And invite friends! Following this card I will be putting up a #SPNFeelsFriday hash tag in the talk section! I would love everyone in the Winchester family and Vingle community to join in on the find L A Von Winchester
I'm just gonna marry Klaus. The rest Idc for...
YES THIS GAME I think I'd actually do the same thing. Marrying Klaus seems like an ok idea