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So Google is pretty neat. I mean, it's safe to say it's changed the world and how we live in it. If we have a question about virtually anything, we go to Google. When we forget a phone number, want to listen to our favorite song, or find more information about the presidential candidates, we've got it.
We've also got its apps, most famously Google Maps. Without it, I would probably be forever lost. With it, I can Google Earth my childhood home to make sure it still exists. Google Maps is super stalkery in just about the best way possible, and no one has caught onto this better than Singapore-based juice bar, Daily Juice.
So, if you pull up Daily Juice on Google Map's street view, at first, it's a little unassuming.
So you zoom in closer, and then you're like, wait - is that Barney?!
Barney then invites you inside to meet his friends. (Yes, Google Maps lets you go inside. Technology is crazy, kids.)
You've got Yoda serving up some juice to a Stormtrooper while their friend, Mr. Gingerbread Man, looks on.
And then he goes to join Mr. Gator, Homer Simpson, Bugs Bunny, Darth Maul, and Iron Man, who is up to some curious PDA with the aforementioned Barney.
So next time you're hanging out with a friend and feeling like you need a good conversation starter, have them look up Daily Juice in Singapore and wait. You'll both probably get a good laugh out of it.

Have you guys seen any other examples of people messing with Google's street view feature? Would seeing a company do this make you want to go there even more?

@danidee I should. Shouldn't I. Sounds fun! ^_^
@MyAffairWith You should just always keep a weird mascot mask in your car just in cae.
@danidee maybe. It's a good and fun place to keep my eye on. :)
@MyAffairWith Are you taking notes?
Hahahah this is funny. So this means you can hit on someone and they wouldn't know who you are unless you decide to give your identity away or if someone takes off the head mask. Lol
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