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i recently went on a trip cross country coast to coast driving all the way out to san diego from New York and a flight back there is nothing like traveling on the open road and just seeing how vastly different things are from state to state if you can i highly recommend traveling as much and as far as you can go ive said it once twice even a thousand times and ill probably say it a thousand more I want to see everything this big blue marble has to offer and this trip really showed me that i've got alot to do in this technological age where you can message someone across the planet in a few short moments the earth feels just a bit small as if you can find everything in a matter of moments but let me tell you there is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes well i think i rambled enough enjoy your day/night/morning/evening where ever you are as you read this
I've moved around all my life as a kid and the one thing that kept me sheltered was never taking the time to go anywhere and admire everything. Now that I'm old, I will actually save up and make my own adventure.
I love road trips. The sad part for me is coming home. I like weird road signs and wondering about how a town got its name. You're landscape pictures are great. I love the mountains.
@Patmanmeow That's my plan to make my own adventure. I like meeting people, particularly baby boomers. They are usually very friendly and welcoming when they discover you're from out of town. Oh shop owners are great too even if you came in just to browse. I find out about local events that way.