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SUUURE, oh by the way, this was right after they went to the Vanity Fair together. Oh by the way it was right after saying that she thought of Justin as "her little brother" HAHAHAHHA
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hahahahahaha i guess that she did really see him as a little brother THEN :-P
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@blairwitme @roselee89 HAHHAHA incest! i bet that she doesn't even remember saying thissssss
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after all that Selena has done, the denying they're back together but you see them lip locking, it's difficult to believe her now..
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@shoenami hahahaha and i also read an article where she says that shes definitely moving on from justin because of his childish behaviours....REALLY?? hahahahah
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@miranpark88 but then she goes flying halfway around the world to make out with him lol
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