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Choosing the right makeup is already a daily struggle.

I can only imagine how difficult it will be to choose the perfect shade when I'm slowly pushing one hundred. I stumbled across this image that went viral yesterday on social media and it immediately melted my heart. Being the makeup junkie that I happen to be, I can just hope and pray that someday I will have a husband who willingly helps me choose my makeup when I'm old and decrepit.
The picture screams love on so many levels and it's beautiful because you rarely see a young man helping his lady me decisions. To see an old man doing so, shows that his willingness to see a smile on her face never stopped no matter how old they got.
So, without getting too mushy, I thought it would be a fun idea if we all left a caption for this image. It can be a serious or funny caption. Whoever leaves the best caption by the end of the day will be coined the winner of this challenge.
Are you down?

Let's go!

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lol I love your puns! they're so perfect!!! @nicolejb
haha, good one!!! @mscocoasupreme
No-no honey this is you're color. NO IT'S NOT!
Ooh this one will make you look like your not dead!!!
I loved everyone's caption! You guys had me chuckling and smiling, but I think the winner is @alywoah!!!!!!