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WARNING: Mature, gang related content

The next day Youngjae and I are just sitting and talking. It's weird, but I don't think much about why I'm here. I don't think much about the fact that I was kidnapped. My parents are probably worried sick and I'm not all that concerned about it. It's sad that I don't feel bad. He makes me feel so comfortable that I just don't notice anything. But regardless, I still need to get back to my life. "I need to leave soon. I can't be here forever." "What are you talking about?" "Did you forget why I'm here? It's not working. My brother hasn't made any contact, he doesn't care." "It hasn't been that long; he still might." "We both know that's not likely." "Yeah, I just." He's struggling to find words that will keep me here. "I just don't want you to leave." "I'm aware of that, but I can't stay here. I don't want to." He starts panicking. "What do you mean you don't want to!" I pull him into a hug in an attempt to calm him down. "Relax. I love being with you; I promise that's true. But Youngjae, I'm not a pet so I can't just stay here in this room." He sniffs, I can't see him, but I know he's about to cry. "You're such a baby. Why are you crying?" "I'm not crying." "You're about to." "Well, I'm never going to see you again." I loosen the hug slightly so that I can look him in the eyes. "What do you mean? Why not?" "You said you don't want to be here." "You know, you're a little slow when your emotions are in the way. I said I don't want to be here, but that doesn't mean I can't be with you." "It wouldn't be safe for you. People could try to hurt or even kill you because of your relationship with me. And I wouldn't have much time for you. This type of work here just doesn't allow for me to be with someone." "Do you even want to be here? I don't think you do. You're unhappy and don't like it; you told me that yourself so I know you meant it." Over the years, I've found that I have manipulative tendencies. I want him in my life and if I have to influence him a little to make that happen, then I will. It's for the better anyway, he shouldn't be here. I just feel a little bad playing mind games. He rests his head in his hands. "I don't know anymore. I didn't know what life could offer me. And now that I do..." "Then leave if you want to. Whatever is keeping you here shouldn't matter if you're unhappy. And if you leave then we can be together without worrying about our safety." "I know you're right, but-" "Sir!" Someone is pounding on the door. Youngjae opens it and Daehyun is standing on the other side out of breath. "What's going on?" "It's Himchan! He's coming here! We caught sight of him on the east side of the building, you two need to go somewhere and hide. There's a good chance he has people watching the exits so don't leave the building." "Got it. Seunghye, come on." He takes my hand, pulling me along as we start running through the maze-like halls. "Why are we running? Wasn't the point for you to talk to him?" "Not like this. If he wanted to talk, then he'd have contacted us first. If he's just showing up like this, then talking is the last thing he wants to do." "Is it because of me?" "Might be, might be he just wants us all gone and out of the way. I don't know." "If he's here for me though, why wouldn't you just take me to him?" "Because there could be shots being fired already and you getting hurt is the last thing I want." We end up hiding in a random storage room in, what I figure is the opposite side of the building. We sit on the floor in a corner behind some boxes and shelves. There's plenty of rooms here that hopefully we won't be found in this one. "What's going to happen?" "I don't know." "What do you mean you don't know? Shouldn't you have some kind of plan for this?" "I do. But it's pretty useless against the guy who came up with it. Not to mention he knows the building like the back of his hand." "Why didn't you change the plan when he left?" That's so ridiculous to keep a plan that an enemy made! "Because it was one of the few standing plans that wasn't full of loose ends." "So he has the upper hand." "I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, he does have an advantage; he has more experience; he took some of our people when he left so they know the building as well; and he's a great strategist." "But you're better, right?" "In theory, but experience nearly always trumps theory. And I have zero experience with this. I've never even been in the line of fire. It scares me." He holds my hand. "I'm sorry. I'm the boss, I'm a man; I should be able to protect you. But Seunghye, I'm scared. And even if I weren't, I still wouldn't know what to do besides this, besides hiding like a coward." I slap him across the face; it happens without time for me to think and I don't realize I did it until it's done. "Youngjae are you stupid? Does your brain not function properly?" He's shocked, nobody hits him, and he never would have expected it from me of all people. "Why did you do that!" I grab his shoulders. "If you're scared then why the hell are you here? What are you trying to prove?" "I'm not trying to prove anything." "You are! This is so stupid! This work isn't meant for you! You get scared, you're sensitive, you cry; about the only thing you have going for you is a bad temper! But you still don't have much to back it up with." "Why are you saying all this?" "Because I want you to open your eyes and stop pretending that you can be like your brother! Or even Himchan. Because trust me, you never will. It's just not in you." "But this was Sungmin's. I want to keep it alive for him since he gave his life for it. It's important to me because it was important to him." "You're right, it was his, but it isn't yours to be responsible for. He'd be proud of you no matter what you did, but I bet he'd be prouder if you did something more with your life. And I believe that if you died over this stupid gang, that he'd blame himself and feel like it was his fault. I don't think it needs to be the reason for both of you dying." "It's not so easy to just leave." "It's not as impossible as you make it sound either." "Youngjae! Youngjae!" Someone is running down the hall yelling for him. "Who is that?" "That's Yongguk." He gets up and goes to the door, just barely opening it to see what's going on. "Is he by himself?" "Looks like it." He opens the door a little more. "Yongguk! What's going on?" "You need to get moving! Himchan is moving toward this part of the building and he's on a fucking rampage!" I can hear gunshots not far from where we are. "Seunghye let's go!" I can't go. I'm petrified; I'd rather just hide and hope for the best. "Come on!" Youngjae is desperate, he's about to reach out and grab my hand, but Yongguk slaps it away. "She's not moving. She's scared, can't you see that?" Just like before, Yongguk looks at me on the floor and doesn't think twice. He picks me up and starts leaving. "Are you coming?" Youngjae is just standing in confusion, he thought Yongguk was done with me. "Yeah." He's not going to sacrifice my safety over his dislike of Yongguk. Even though it's killing him to know he can't help me in the same way and that I have to rely on another man right now to be saved, he'll put his issues aside for now; ignoring the sight of the woman he loves in Yongguk's arms. I manage to utter a word of gratitude, "Thank you." "Don't thank me yet."
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