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I'm here to give a two-part update about winter 2016 anime!

First, the things I'm still watching that I obviously think are worth my time!
Second, the things I plan to watch based on reviews I've heard / read!

Still Watching: ERASED!

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Thriller, Supernatural
Basically, this show is about Satoru, who has the power to travel back before tragic situations occur & has the chance to try to alter the future. After his mother is murdered, he goes back 18 years in time before a terrible string of kidnappings occur....but can he fix it?
I've freaked out, about this anime, more than once, SO...

trust me. It's worth watching!

The expert use of cliffhangers, clues that keep us guessing, and totally enthralling story-telling methods used in this anime make it a must watch, and honestly the only anime that I always watching within hours of airing if I can't watch it when it first goes online!

Still Watching: Prince of Stride!

Genre: Sports
Do I reallllllly need to talk about why this is great? Ok, fine. Basically, Stride is a kind of relay free running. In this show, the former BEST team Honan is no longer active. But after three freshman join the team, they want to get the team back into gear. We get to learn about the team's past as the STRIDE towards the future!
This is totally worth watching! If you like sports anime, if you don't, whatever! There's great messages, great team work, funny scenes, action, fun visuals,.... I could go on forever!! Just watch it, kay? :)

Still Watching: Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2

If anyone liked season one, keep watching!! Season 2 is actually more enjoyable for me. Season 1 did a good job setting up our core cast & circumstances, but it always felt very slice of life for me. Season 2 sets up more long-winding arcs that carry us through the episodes, and have me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode!
We also have gotten a lot more characters & a lot more interesting relationship dynamics going on within our core group. Just trust me, it's worth watching!
Oh, and if you prefer dub, season 1 dub is already finished, and season 2 dub is airing in sections at the same time as the sub :)

Still Watching: Sekkou Boys

I may have made fun of this show endlessly....but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop watching it. It's actually hilarious, witty, intelligent...and it's only a few minutes each week....so why would I stop?
If the idea of 4 STATUES being pop stars perplexes you as much as it did me when I first watched this show, you should really, really watch it XD

Going to Watch: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Nickname: KonoSuba
I haven't watched a single episode of this, and honestly I thought it would just be another run-of-the-mill harem anime, but I've heard it's quite good.
The story centers on a boy who is given the chance to be reincarnated by a goddess named Aqua - he has to choose to be reincarnated as a dog, or in a parallel world where he would be on a mission to defeat the devil king. His sarcasm ends up binding him to the goddess Aqua as his powerful weapon!
There's more characters that join their crew by the looks of it, but I've been assured that the tropes you expect from this are there....except as jokes. Look, apparently it's hilarious, and that it falls into the traps of fantasy anime only because it wants to. I'll give it a try!!

Going to Watch: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama
Basically, a group of people wake up in a fantasy world, don't really remember much, and join a volunteer army in order to survive.
Sounds pretty typical, right? I thought so, too, which is why I didn't start watching right away, but I've heard that it's actually done much better than many other "trapped in a fantasy world" anime that I have tried to watch. What I've heard is that the main characters actually struggle & face the grim reality of living in a fantasy world, rather than just the "happy" version we're used to seeing. I'm excited to see this different approach, and hope it shines as much as people say!

Going to Watch: Ojisan to Marshmallow

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
This is a short, which is probably why I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I've heard it's funny & charming. The story basically follows Hige, who loves marshmallows. His younger co-worker is obsessed with him (in a good way?). Every episode follows either Hige's love for marshmallows, or Wakabayashi's love for Hige!! XD

Going to Watch: Nijiiro Days

Genre: Comedy, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Apparently, this show centers on four friends who all find themselves in budding romances....sounds good to me! I love me a good rom-com. I wasn't going to watch this because I thought it would leave me hanging, but I heard that it will be going to two-cour, which means it'll end up having the same airtime as a full length season, but it won't have the horrible pacing since each episode is shorter! Hurrah! Looks like I'm gonna give it a try :)

Going to Try: GATE (Summer 2015) and the new GATE anime!!

I haven't watched either of these, but I've heard they're both good, and I enjoy fantasy/military anime, so I'm planning to try to watch them both!! If you liked these, let me know. I'm not going to try to write a synopsis since I don't know much ^-^

Going to Try: Assassination Classroom Season 1 & 2

I know you all love this. I KNOW. I haven't even given it chance. but I will....soon :)

So....what are you all watching / planning to watch? XD

Erased looks interesting. Hope the quality of the story is as good as Monster.
I found erased on your card about winter releases and I love it so far.
I really like GATE!
Assassination classroom is on my list and so is ojisan to marshmallow. I'm already watching erased and it is absolutely AMAZING!!!
Yah! I saw a bunch of these on crunchy roll, however, my anime list goes on forever already. I am already watching like 20 anime and there just isn't enough time.
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