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(That picture should say Stef's Gym Playlist) Heyyy so I recently started working out to lose some weight before summer Ik Ik it's still a ways away but like yea I should get started now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Anyways I wanted to share my current KPOP (+ one Jrock and Jpop) WORK OUT PLAYLIST and yeah all of these songs are really Pumped up except for Haru Haru but since GD is running in the end of the video I kinda have that running vibe, but yeah feel free to steal this playlist if these songs help you work out :D Work Out Playlist Adventure Time - LuHan Amazing (Bad Lady) - Cross Gene Awesome - N.Flying Balloons - DBSK Bang Bang Bang - BIGBANG Cafe - BIGBANG Come Back to Me - Bii Congratulations - Day6 Crooked - GDragon Dope - BTS Gimme - Got7 Take My Hand - Got7 Haru Haru - BIGBANG Hate - 4Minute Hello Hello - Ft Island Hero - Monsta X Hyde - VIXX I Need U - BTS I Wish - Ft Island Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet If You Do - Got7 Just One Life - Spyair (Jpop) Just Right - Got7 La La La - BIGBANG Last Farewell - BIGBANG My House - 2PM "O" Jung.Ban.Hap - DBSK Ooh-Ah - TWICE Pain - SS301 Pray - Ft Island Q ft.Ailee - Seventeen Roll Deep ft.Ilhoon of BTOB - Hyuna Run - BTS Run Run - Hyuna Saxophone - SS301 Shiver - The GazzettE (Jrock) Sour Grapes - Mad Clown x SanE Stop Stop it - Got7 Twenty-Three - IU Ur Man - SS501 Mansae - Seventeen Adore U - Seventeen Voodoo Doll - VIXX
@sortiz119 yup yup. gotta get toned up and look like a cutie. FIGHTING β†–(^β–½^)β†—
@axosrain it's good this playlist is useful to you :) and cool we can work out together FIGHTINGπŸ‘Š
I'm trying to work out too. xp I love your list and I use a few of those songs too.
Definitely gonna borrow this :) I need some good workout music. I'm getting too used to what I listen to now.
Sorry it Should be Q&A ft.Ailee by Seventeen but it's not loading properly :(