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Since the conversation is pretty hard to read i typed the whole thing so you guys dont miss a moment of this fun story. Hope you guys enjoy❤

Art done byJoshdinobarney

Natsu: *Sigh.... First I have to piggyback her a ride and now I have to carry her all the way back to her room. Hmph Lucy can be a handful at times. Almost there... Lucy: Natsu can you fly like Happy now.. Please.. Natsu: Knock it off Luce! I'm taking you back to your room! You're really drunk right now... Lucy: Alright *Hic Natsu... Natsu: Alright Lucy just sleep it off or you might go crazy.. Lucy: Natsu... Natsu: LUCY!? Lucy: Noooo!! Please stay!! Don't go.. Natsu: Ack!! Stop it!! Your head is filled with sake!! Lucy: But Natsu... You always sneak into my apartment cause its so comfortable right? Or is it perhaps you wanted to see "something" else baldy?❤ Natsu: Ok Lucy, enough joking around......You're way out of character. Lucy... what are you... oh shit... Lucy: Just lay back and relax Natsu... There's no need to be afraid. After all you don't even mind sleeping so close to me right? Natsu: Isn't this more like too close!! Uwaah!! S-s-soft!! Lucy: Natsu... Your body... its getting warmer... I like it though.. *Giggles❤ Natsu: Lucy!! No.. Please stop... Were just teammates!! Don't drag us into this! Stop it!! Too close!! You smell like sake! Lucy: Tee-Hee❤ Aww, You're so cute like this❤ Come on now... Just a little more closer... Natsu... Natsu: Lucy... no... I...I... Don't Lucy.. Lucy: Natsu... Both Kiss❤ Natsu: Lucy...That....wasn't actually so bad.. Lucy: Teehee your lips are so warm Natsu: Lucy... I... I can't... Damn it!! Damn it!! Damn it all!! Lucy: Nnggaahhh! Natsu!❤ Gray: Guys!!! Erza is coming!!! And she's really drunk and pissed off.. Natsu: (⊙o⊙) Gray: (°ー°〃) Jet & Droy: Waaaaa!!! She's coming!! She's gonna... Gray, Jet & Droy:(⊙o⊙|||) Natsu: G-guys!!? This isn't what it looks like!! Lucy: Natsu.... Why did you stop... We were just gonna get to the good part... Erza: Where's Gray!!? That slime ball was all over Juvia!!! Gray: Hieek!! It wasn't my fault!! Natsu: Erza!! T-this isn't... I mean.. Erza: Natsu what the hell... are you doing to Lucy??! You... Perverted oversized reptile!! Taking advantage of your teammate!!! You and Gray are going to die!!!! Gray and Natsu: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Erza: Come here you swines! Lucy: Nyaa Ahahaha... Good luck Natsu... Play nice you guys❤ (After Erza kicked Gray and Natsu's butt Lucy finally sober as well) Lucy: What happened?... Natsu: This is all your fault... If you didn't come running Erza wouldn't... Happy: Natsu likes Lucyyy!! Natsu: Quit it Happy!! Gray: Quit complaining... what if I told you that the girls will be going in the open bath later...

The End❤

I love it XD
id pay to see it
this is great! Thanks for uploading it!
it could happen
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