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When Fandoms collide!
Not mad, not mad at all!
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A neighborhood boy became his unwitting companion
2 years ago·Reply
Together, they went on a couple grand adventures. Nothing quite as grand as saving the universe, but it was adventurous.
2 years ago·Reply
@anonymousbean that was both upsetting and beautiful
2 years ago·Reply
No wait. Even 30 years in the future, Everett Brown appears unaged, so maybe an incarnation that got stuck without his tardis? Or its after the tardis goes to trenzalore to die, but before the doctor does?
2 years ago·Reply
@anonymousbean oooh that's an idea! OR what if there WAS a survivor of the time wars? One that found the Doctor's Tardis and 'borrowed' it for a while?
2 years ago·Reply