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Racism is still alive and kicking.

It's sad that a picture of an African American woman's lips can't even be posted onto a makeup page without snide and rude comments being made. But if they had been Kylie's lips it would've been perfect, right? That's the society we live in and as much as we don't want to accept the fact that things will probably never change, they probably won't. It's a shame that people can't see beauty past color.
Yesterday evening MAC Cosmetics posted the image seen above on their Instagram page with the caption "Royal romance at @ohnetitelny #AW16. #MACBackstage #NYFW" and their notifications blew up with disgusting and hateful comments in response to the image. Keep scrolling to see a few screenshots of just a handful of the nasty remarks. It goes to show that people will idolize something that isn't natural [aka Kylie's lips], but they won't appreciate and see the beauty in the original masterpiece.

These comments are disheartening and sick.

The society we live in is sad. What do you think about these comments?
SMH I don't even know what to say. I'm so utterly exhausted with racism. the jokes. the snide remarks. the cutting comments. I'm so done with it. Wtf
@jordanhamilton You said it well. most is from issues with self!!! I thought this was beautiful and until I scrolled down thought "what bad could they say on this" I didn't get it but I'm glad I don't think that way. Sad so many women live every day all day comparing themselves to others and judging others. Jealousy is a powerful thing!!!
WELL SAID @TurtleyTurtles! I agree, she has amazing lips. and in most cases, it's always women bringing women down. which is extremely sad. we really need to work on building one another up
This makes me sad. This woman's lips are full and beautiful. Sadly, many men would love to see lips like this, while it's mostly the women that are being mean. Can't we just continue to build each other up, rather than breaking each other down?
I most likely will not be making to many happy but I have to say that I think a lot of Black Women have some of the most beautiful lips in the world. Why can't black women have the cover of a magazine or book showing how beautiful their lips, noses or eyes are or even thier curly natural hair is. Why does it have to be shown Skinny bodies and white skin and features are more beautiful. Truthfully all my life I have always wished to bave darker skin, fuller lips, a black girl boodie (hahaha...actually a boodie period), and curly hair. But I was not blessed with any of that but my beautiful mixed (french, german, native american & black) daughter was. I would not trade her for anything in this world. Women of color be proud of what and who you are because no one has the right to judge you but you. never allow anyone to drag you down. if you do than you are giving those people power over your own life.
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