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Favorite Big Bang music video pre-Alive Haru Haru
TOP Fan Art
Pictures of each member with the hair color you think looks best on them
Videos of your two favorite covers of Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips from any other artists Kpop or not
Pictures of each member of Big Bang with facial hair It is almost impossible to find pics of Dae with facial hair! This one drove me nuts!
Video of Seungri getting picked on by the other members
Picture, video, or gif of Big Bang making a reference to Michigan This one took forever to find!
Video of your favorite Big Bang collaboration any combination of members collaborating with an artist outside of Big Bang. Big Bang sub-units don't count. 1. Lollipop: Big Bang & 2NE1 2. Dirty Vibe: Skrillex, Diplo, GD, & CL Couldn't decide between the two. Lollipop is that cutesy bouncy song that you can't help but bop along to & Dirty Vibe is four of my favorite artists in one spot.
1 picture or gif of each of the following G-Dragon body parts: legs, fingers, teeth, & eyebrows
Video of a Big Bang member imitating Papa YG I love TOP's imitations (yes completely biased here ) *EDIT* Added the clip of GD's imitation after posting because the TOP vid is refusing to play for me & Idk if it will play for others. Bonus at the end of GD singing
Pictures of 3 items you would like to give Daesung & why 1. Smiling Angel: To remind him every day that he is our 미소천사 2. Letters: Of thanks & appreciation for all the times his smile, laugh, & voice have helped me when I was going through a rough patch. 3. Positive Message Jar: A jar full of positive thoughts & supportive messages that he can pull from whenever he needs a pick me up.
Picture or gif of each Big Bang member interacting with an animal
Random gif of my favorite BB goofball dancing, just because

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Can I just watch GD eat all day? Good job finding a Michigan reference and Dae with facial hair. I know those were hard ones.
dying inside...like seriously someone give me seungri