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At the Capcom booth in the Japan Amusement Expo on Friday, Japanese publication Game Watch Impress was able to get their hands on the latest of Capcom's arcade ventures.
Attack on Titan: Team Battle is a team battle game (shockingly) that supports up to eight players at once, and it was just unveiled in Japan. It's cool to see this arcade game up, especially as players anticipate the forthcoming PS4 title.
The coolest part, though, is the way they've done the controllers for the game.
The dual controllers are designed like the handgrips for the three dimensional maneuver gear in the anime. They still feature control sticks and triggers with which to move and attack.
Accenting the booth were two life-sized statues of Eren and Levi. Good thing I wasn't there, because I would totally violate that no touching rule.
@LtheKid8 馃槷
I wonder of the controller system could be incorporated for home use . that would be awesome in you front room on your console .
I want to try this so bad! T_T
@LuisUmana at the Japan Amusement Expo
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