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If you don't know about it, Nichijou is a slice of life/comedy anime about a group of young school girls and their daily lives (which often are made surreal in their absurdity and over-the-top nature).
It's also one of the cutest anime I've ever seen. If there's any anime guaranteed to make you feel good, it's this one.

Random absurd violence.

Sakamoto, the amazing talking cat.

Nano, the most adorable clearly-not-a-cyborg.

Tangible problems.

The Professor and her cute pursuit of science.

Mio's pigtails.

Deer suplexes.

I loooove this anime! 馃槀 And I'm more of the shonen and seinen type of guy. I even got my bro (who is also into shonen and seinen) to watch it and he loved it too!
is this the anime that also has that dramatic gif of a girl trying to catch a piece of falling squid???
it looks awesome I might check it out
@VoidX I've got to watch this show!!!
@alliepetey and many, many, many, many other gifs you probably know of XD
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