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{Feel Good Fridays} Supporting Characters in Anime!
Hello nakamas! VoidX here, and today, it seems like it's my turn for the daily anime theme with Feel Good Friday! :D
So, tired? Have worked hard during the week? Dying to watch some anime? XD
Well then, my friend, my nakama, time to fire up the pleasure-region of the brain (Named Nucleus accumbens XD) and it's time to feel good! :D
Todays theme is...

Supporting Characters!!!

Who can you count on? Who can you trust? Who can you help?
These are the questions that will be answered today over who you would feel good having your back!
Our characters doesn't have to be from a specific genre or specific anime. It can be anyone from the loyal comrade to a love-interest in a harem-show.
So, who would you feel good having your back?

Maes Hughes


Loyal, moral, righteous and funny. These are the words that can encapsule so much yet leave even more for our first entry here. His humor, non-chalant yet observant behaviour is what makes him one hell of a side-kick to entrust vital information with full knowledge and trust that the best actions will be taken therafter.

Itachi Uchiha


Even though he was portrayed as one of the greater side-villains, what he did for the Hidden Leaf Village and for those (/the one) he loved, absolute confidence
must've been brought up within him. Itachi is easily one of the characters I would entrust my own life with, full-well of what his action will be for the greater good.
Another contender from the Naruto-series would be Kakashi, one of the most freaking best and most badass ninjas I've ever known and he's on par with Itachi XD

Chitoge Kirisaki


Simple, I'm on her side. Deal with it XD

Mayuri Shiina


I choose her for her kawaii-levels through her personality rather than her appearences. Tuturu!

Koneko Toujou

(High School DxD-series)

Her, I really choose for her kawaii-levels from her neko-appearence! She's MEGA ADORBS!!!

Post your Supporting Characters from anime and share the trust, loyalty and friendship that the world and Vingle is ready to see and share! :D

And make sure to tag me, @VoidX and the rest of the Mod-team!
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Definitely Naruto. I'd want him to always have my back. Also as a backup I'd go with Tatsumi.
2 years agoReply
@VoidX I just want Kiki for now :P I'll think about doing more later heheh ^-^
2 years agoReply
Oh my god! I cried when Hughes died!! 馃槩馃槩馃槶馃槶馃槶
2 years agoReply
@LizaNightshade ssssshhhhhh!!! Spoiler!!!
2 years agoReply
@VoidX oops! 馃槻馃槹馃樀馃槖 I didn't say anything lol
2 years agoReply