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Thank you all so much for participating in the first Question about putting yourself out there!! In case you missed it, we are answering Love & Relationship questions though the rest of the month!! Let's see who lasts as the ultimate advice giver!!
Here's today's dilemma (adapted from real life!).
Q: Ok so I've been seeing this girl for a while now, about a month or so. We met at a friends birthday, and talked and hung out a lot. I asked her for coffee, then dinner and a movie. We've only technically been on like 3 dates, and we talk every so often (maybe like 3 times a week), but I feel like I need to push things along. We haven't technically told each other we like each other, and we haven't kissed but I think it's because she is shy. I really like her and I want her to be my girlfriend. Is now the right time or should I do something else before?

What should he do??

Wow!! you all came up with a lot of similar themes (must be experts at this!) haha What I got the most was: 1. Talk it out!! express your feelings to her, and seeing her exclusively. Make a move! 2. Make hints in your body language and physically show her (hand holding, kisses, hugs) 3. Wait for a good moment to do it! --- like something semi-romantic! @RafaelRese18 @atmi @JimTurpen @jordanhamilton @MaighdlinS @Heartofgold35 @JimTurpen @carmaa10 @MichelleHolly @StetsonCampbell @VeronicaArtino @Bobs @ThePervySage @altiar620al @AshelyJewell @MannyPadron @SeoInHan @Bobs @momattheword @arnelli @humairaa @AprilGuillemard @RashadRobertson @BrendanFred @luna1171 @1FallenAngel @VanessaSimmons @thisguyeagles @SeanBorden @KiburiMac @Tigerfluff21
I think that instead of trying to date her or confess you should probably up the amount of times you talk and hang out. It's an easier way or hunting the fact that you just want to be around her. You'll know when the time is right because your heart will tell you so.
First off three dates isn't that much in this time of age. Take it slow, you obviously like her and Enjoy her company. Why rush things? It complicates thing. I say next date go in for a kiss, if she rejects you don't feel discouraged. She is just nervous. I've been there done that. I've gone in for a kiss and got stage freight and went in to kiss her on the cheek. That was date 6,7,9. When we finally did kiss it was amazing and magical. The longer you wait the more respectful it becomes. She will enjoy the patience, no need to rush things. Love and relationships are like mangos. Sure fresh off the tree the mango is delicious, but when you patiently wait the better the fruit tastes. Give it time don't rush. Make her feel special, you don't need to kiss her or ask her to be your girlfriend for that. The day will come when you will ask her out and it will be a relief.
The sooner the better b.c you don't want to end up in the "friend" zone also if she doesn't like you, you need to know so you can move on.
first of all since you both are friends start the asking out to be simple. this can be for both guys and girls 1. ask her/him ...soo ive been meaning to tell you something that i feel. will you like to know? *wait for the response* 2. if yes then say, "im going to be confident with this, but i really like you" . 3. after doing #2 explain to her/him why you like them so much ...example: i like you because your eyes shine so bright , your funny, i enjoy spending time with you. .*theres much more but we'll wait on that* 4. you can use a pick up line like.....: "when i see you, my heart skips a beat." or "my heart pounds everytime is see you" you can add a word like this ...."when i see you smile , my heart skips a beat" 5. ask her/him "will accept my feelings?" ...or you can substitute feelings with "heart" , "love" . *wait for response 6. if they accept your love. thats the right time to ask them out, cause they accepted.
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