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Q2: When should I ask her out?
Thank you all so much for participating in the first Question about putting yourself out there!! In case you missed it, we are answering Love & Relationship questions though the rest of the month!! Let's see who lasts as the ultimate advice giver!!
Here's today's dilemma (adapted from real life!).
Q: Ok so I've been seeing this girl for a while now, about a month or so. We met at a friends birthday, and talked and hung out a lot. I asked her for coffee, then dinner and a movie. We've only technically been on like 3 dates, and we talk every so often (maybe like 3 times a week), but I feel like I need to push things along. We haven't technically told each other we like each other, and we haven't kissed but I think it's because she is shy. I really like her and I want her to be my girlfriend. Is now the right time or should I do something else before?

What should he do??

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Tell her that you like her! And that you might want to be more then friends and then ask her out. Chances that were never taken are always the biggest regrets. Who knows, she's probably waiting for you to make the first move. You should also kiss her soon if everything goes well. If she's shy she won't make the first move but if she really likes you you should go ahead with things! It may be more then what you two thought it could be or it could be less but who knows if you never try! Best of luck to you!
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Wow!! you all came up with a lot of similar themes (must be experts at this!) haha What I got the most was: 1. Talk it out!! express your feelings to her, and seeing her exclusively. Make a move! 2. Make hints in your body language and physically show her (hand holding, kisses, hugs) 3. Wait for a good moment to do it! --- like something semi-romantic! @RafaelRese18 @atmi @JimTurpen @jordanhamilton @MaighdlinS @Heartofgold35 @JimTurpen @carmaa10 @MichelleHolly @StetsonCampbell @VeronicaArtino @Bobs @ThePervySage @altiar620al @AshelyJewell @MannyPadron @SeoInHan @Bobs @momattheword @arnelli @humairaa @AprilGuillemard @RashadRobertson @BrendanFred @luna1171 @1FallenAngel @VanessaSimmons @thisguyeagles @SeanBorden @KiburiMac @Tigerfluff21
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Great minds think alike. \(^_*))/
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Totally @1FallenAngel :) we got some great minds here!
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