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Hey you guys. So I just wanna talk about something real quick. There's something in my first introduction card that I didn't put in. I was inspired to review and rant about tv and movies by Doug Walker aka The Nostalgia Critic. I learned about him about 3 years ago and thought he made some very good points. Then he completely won me over in his Moulin Rouge review because he pointed out everything terrible and wrong that I pointed out to my friends who LOVED this movie. Now at the time, I was already studying films, but he inspired me to really analyze them and make my opinions about them to which has led me to want to become a critic someday. Recently, Doug Walker posted this video on YouTube about the lack of protection against companies making false claims on his and MANY other youtubers' videos despite being "protected" by the DMCA.
Please watch this video for more information.
I'm making this card to help Doug Walker's cause to spread awareness of this issue. What's happening is wrong and unlawful, but there are no repercussions against those companies. I'm doing all I can to help spread the word. Hell, I've even emailed YouTube to complain about this just to put in some effort to help. I ask any of you who are fans of Nostalgia Critic or any other online reviewers to help make a statement to YouTube and tell them that this is NOT okay. Spread the word. #WTFU
This was very enlightening.
honestly I hope a competitor rises up and encourages creators to migrate. something like that would really show the company
thank you so much for sharing this! I also really love his work. Youtube's system is a complete mess right now since it's completely automated. What's worse is that there was a recent change to copyright law: the onus is on the copyright holder to prove they have a right to make a claim before they issue a take down notice and failure to do so can lead to some pretty serious fines. Youtube's system doesn't do that at all.