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Insert Coin's latest video, Fallout Companion, completely sums up all the perks of being a companion in a Fallout game. It doesn't matter if it's New Vegas or Fallout 4, most of the perks of being a companion to the protagonist. Or maybe... the opposite of the word perks. I mean, to be a Fallout companion you've got to have a strong back, a lot of arms, or a giant bookbag. Because everything your partner doesn't want to carry is yours to hold.
And one of the funniest things about this video is how true it is. When the Vault Dweller is trying to explain the concept of trading to the companion is probably my favorite part. Because in the games, you ask to trade some items but in reality, you're just giving them a bunch of stuff to hold until you want it back again.
Or! You're just stealing whatever junk they've had before they met you. I couldn't help but laugh at everything that's going on because the "trade" conversation wasn't something that I'd ever imagine happening in real life. And the way it goes down is exactly how it probably should.
But after watching this, I am so glad I don't have a friend who makes me carry a bunch of their shit because they don't want it.