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so lately guys think good girls don't exist but the thing is they do exist , the only problem is that they been through so much that they just don't wanna get hurt anymore, sadly I have to admit girls have some fault in this because they always chose the wrong guy. There can be the sweetest guy right in front of you and you would go after the cute guy who is an ass to you. other than that , guys stop messing around with girls. Girls are not your toys, girls have feelings just like you have feelings. So stop thinking about sex and start to thinking about what the girl goes through after you leave her.
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I think sometimes we need to be responsible with who we welcome in our lives, you know? The thing about the good guy/bad boy situation -- is that sometimes it has nothing to with that. There's more to a good relationship than being 'nice.' It has a lot to do with similar life goals, chemistry, interests, ect. And what I've learned is that everyone has a little bit of good and bad in them. We're humans, so we're multi-dimensional. Even the self-acclaimed 'nice' people, can have their sharp edges.
nice words.but not all guys are same.since I start dating I have never told a girl it's over.thats my philosophy.the truth is neither girls nor guys are perfect.they both hurt them selves
I think this was a huge over generalization. Not all guys are dicks. If all you ever hear about is them wanting to fuck and then leave, you're probably giving out all the wrong signals. You attract the fish you bait the hook for...
youre right