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Last year, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had to be one of the best comedies to have shown up on Netflix. And after binge watching the whole series in a couple of days, I spent the past year impatiently waiting for the show to come back or a trailer or something. And that finally happened today.
Even though the teaser is only around 30 seconds long. I still think that it captures the personality and the feeling of the show. Each of the characters get to shine for seconds at a time and during those short snippets, we get a feel for each character and who they are.
I think most of these little things will mostly be noticed by people who are already fans of the show but I think the teaser sets up Kimmy in a way that'll make everyone who hasn't seen the show yet understand who she is. The way the teaser ends with her throwing confetti lets them know that she isn't as serious as the rest of the characters. Even their costume design plays into this.
The teaser also means that trailer is probably coming very, very soon. And I'm excited for it.
Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will premiere on April 15th.
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I was VERY late to this show, but it was pretty good. Pretty odd set up and show tone, but an easy watch.. Can't wait for season 2 either!