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Last year was a tough year in regards to the relationship between Eddie Lacy and the Green Bay Packers.
Once considered one of the top five running backs in football, the Packers cut his playing time significantly this past year. Lacy seemed fairly productive in his time on the field, but coach Mike McCarthy seemed unhappy with the nutrition of Lacy all year.
During a meeting introducing new members of the staff, McCarthy said he’s confident Lacy’s conditioning won’t be the issue in 2016 that it was last season.
“Everybody’s accountable to their area, and the position coach is ultimately accountable for the performance and the training of their players,” McCarthy said Thursday. “But Eddie Lacy’s conditioning and so forth is something I have great confidence will improve or is improving as we speak, and he’ll learn from his performance last season.”
It seems as if Mike wants to run plays that may require a bit more speed, which means Eddie will have to come down a couple of pounds. What happens if Lacy isn't as fast as he desires, but still can produce at a high level with different play calling?

Is it time for the Packers and Eddie Lacy to part ways?

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Yeah I believe so....