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The Broncos are riding on cloud nine right now, but they still have a lot of business to handle this off-season.
One of the big issues is the contract deal for star player Von Miller. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported the Broncos favor tagging Miller. According to sources, Denver plans to tag Miller and then try to work out a deal.
If allowed to hit the open market, Miller likely would command a deal similar to the record contract Ndamukong Suh earned from the Miami Dolphins last year.
Von has also stated that he wants to be the highest paid defensive player in football. While Von was quite the headache early in his career, he has turned his career around by hiring a life coach. After settling matters off the field, Von has been able to focus on football, and has become a force on the field. He is a pivotal factor in the teams success, and the high level of impact he has on 3rd down is respected across the NFL.

Will The Broncos Give Von Miller A Max Contract Deal?

He def deserves it and great teammate as well
I don't think they could afford that
they better or he'll walk to a team that will pay
He definitely deserves to get paid